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Customs and Protocols

The following are meant to help people, both New & Old, understand the proper and Expected behavior for visitors and patrons of Beauty's Castle Pub, also and hereafter known as "Club Soda". This room is intended as a Virtual representation of the activities and conversations that might take place in a Real-Time(RT) Pub*. And just as would happen in a RT Pub, those people who can not, and do not, abide by the expected customs and protocols will be promptly removed from the room by one of the local "Bouncers"(also fondly referred to as "Monitors").

Club Soda Online is just like it's RT countepart on Block Island, Rhode Island. It welcomes all weary travelers with a friendly atmosphere and abundant quantities of liquor, beer, and food(our virtual varieties are as delicious as your imagination). It even has "Yeagermeister" on tap! Club Soda also has many forms of 'distraction', including but not limited to: pool tables, classic and trendy pinball machines, arcade racing and sports simulation games, foosball tables, several television sets including a big projection model for sporting events, a juke box with tunes from the classic to the latest hits, a tarantula named "Itchy BB" (if you can tell us how "Itchy BB" got its name you will win a 6 month Citizenship, but you'll probably have to ask Ed to find out!)(g)), and a dentist's chair, of course. The clientele are from all over the world which makes for an excellent mix of local island folk and world-weary vactioners from everywhere else.

(* The customs & protocols applied here are intended to provide a Healthy & Fun environment for people wishing to meet Virtually, but who desire the 'flavor' of a RealTime(RT) Pub. Pub, as in a small to medium sized public establishment that serves a variety of beer, liquor and food items, while providing a festive and social atmosphere. As with All Public Establishments, Patrons are expected to behave within the strictures of the posted rules, and the within the general etiquette expected of all upstanding Castle Folk and Citizens of this planet Earth.)

Customs ("not written in stone, but better than a sharp stick...")

  1. This room is dedicated to Fun! "We're all here because we're not all there!" is the Club's motto. It is a place for you to kick back and relax and let the day's concerns fade away with each passing moment. Meet new people, chat with old friends, share a virtual drink with one of the friendly bartenders. People are expected to behave here as they would in a Real-Time(RT) Pub. The atmosphere is generally playful and good natured, always friendly, and sometimes downright raucous and bawdy. Never Nasty or Mean. Those folk can check the Protocols below.
  2. Courtesy is Expected of All guests here. Respect, on the other hand, is earned.
  3. We expect you to maintain an air of civility when posting in the room. Disagreeing agreeably is the goal for any conflicts of opinion that occur. As long as 'colorful' exchanges remain in Good humor with those on all sides, vocabulary need not be a problem.
  4. People will discuss and often debate ideas of importance to them, sometimes quite passionately. While it is perfectly acceptable to have strong opinions, certain types of behavior, as outlined in the rules that follow, are NOT acceptable and will result in removal from Club Soda and the greater Castle grounds if Necessary.

Protocols ("written in stone, healthy to live by...")

  1. Personal attacks, Flaming or Flame Wars will NOT be tolerated**;
    1. Flame: a personal attack as opposed to an honest debate on the issues at hand.
    2. Flame-War: a series of 'flames'(see above) exchanged between chatters that results in disrupting the room and contributing nothing of value.
    3. Personal Attacks: Any statements that are written in a derogatory manner in order to discredit a person or their views, but Lacking any constructive comments or valid points to 'backup' their claims. These usually include cursing and other expletive-style statements which are intended to 'hurt' or insult with No relevant content;
  2. Be they Virtual or RT, any threats or acts of violence will NOT be tolerated**.
  3. Biggotry, Racism, Sexism(you know what I mean) and other such discriminatory attitudes will NOT be tolerated**. Re-Read the openning pages if you have forgotten them. If you have such unsocial inclinations Go Elsewhere as they will get you promptly remmoved from our establishment.
  4. Anything Illegal in RT is also Illegal=will NOT be tolerated** at Club Soda (USA).

(** not Tolerated: means that if you are found behaving like an ignorant fool it will get you removed from the Pub, and/or the Castle grounds, for a period of 24hrs. or more including the possibility of permanent loss of access .)

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