Welcome to Whips....

The place to Meet and Greet, the Castle's BDSM Bar has an extensive selection of Food & Drink to satisfy even the most Demanding palate!

As you look around you see a fully equipped bar with Top Shelf Liquor, Beer and Wine. To the back of the bar a small kitchen & service area. Bar seating and all other surfaces are equipped with hooks and rings in myriad places(eg) for the submissives that require a little restraint(wg) ('clip' a sub to your table for decorative display!) We also have places to store & Display that special someone (Cages every where)(festive look), [Dominants are encouraged to supply their own harnesses]

Beside the bar is a stack of special serving trays for those who wish to Donate their services and wait on the tables & patrons. They are Specially designed for Whips Tavern, sporting a chain attached to the tray so that it hangs "just" below breast level.. for that "special" flare! There is also a buckled waist strap to prevent tipping. For the male subs the added support comes from a stiff rod, hinged to the tray and anchored to a leather cock ring...it will be as sturdy as he is!(taunting gaze)

If you look to the left of the bar there is a Wonderful softly lit stage with twin vertical bars for those special areo-erotic moments....

Of course you will also find the ubiquitous great stone fireplace, as are found in most of the Castle's rooms, to help keep everyone warm and toasty. Dominants will be happy to note the heavy brass rings embedded in the stone floor, at various points among the lush furs that are spread before the hearth, to keep their unattended possesions from wandering too far (weg).

So come on in.. enjoy a table dance, a lap dance, or -- Both! Talk about sports! The weather! Your favorite Fetish or Toy! -- or put on a Hot Scene for the Crowd!(enthusiastic g)

Now that you have a basic view of the room.. here are the local Customs & Protocols:

Customs ("not written in stone, but better than a sharp stick...")

  1. This room is also dedicated to Domination and submission, and the BDSM lifestyle. People are expected to behave here as they would in a theoretical BDSM situation, be it a Dungeon(public or private), play party, bedroom, BDSM Club, or any other BDSM related situation.
  2. The tenants of Safe, Sane & Consensual* apply when engaging in any form of BDSM play at Whips. (see Protocols as well)(warning s)
  3. Courtesy is Expected of All guests here. Respect, on the other hand, is earned.
  4. We expect you to maintain an air of Civility when posting in the room. Disagreeing agreeably is the goal for any conflicts of opinion that occur. All can learn from a Civil discussion of conflicting opinions.
  5. Dominant names are generally indicated by the use of Capitalized handles, and submissive names are generally lowercased. While this has become the predominant convention here at Beauty's Castle, and in other Virtual BDSM environments, it is Not a rule and many exceptions abound.
  6. Submissives or slaves wishing to express signs of VT or RT Ownership often choose to indicate their status by enclosing the Dominant's name or initials in brackets { }. Ex: slave susan{Mistress Jade} or slave susan{MJ}. One should be aware, however, that this custom is also used by vanilla folk to signify any SO style relationship in VT. Asking one's status First is the often the Best and most prudent action when searching for a potential partner.
  7. It is usually considered Polite to ask Publicly for permission to send some a private message or "PM", but it is Not a Protocol or Rule as it is in the Dungeon. However, you Must stop PMing a person Immediately if they Publicly request you to Stop. A request to Not PM a person must be obeyed until they Publicly state otherwise. IOW, it does not "expire" the "next day" but lasts indefinitely. Failure to respect such a request can get you Removed or Banned.
  8. For Dominants: remember that submission is a Gift to be given Freely by prospective submissives & slaves. It is NOT 'taken'. Treat the submissives & slaves you encounter in these rooms with Courtesy, and remember that Consensual activities are one of the cornerstones of this lifestyle.
  9. For submissives & potential slaves: no one can 'make' you do anything you don't wish to do. Feel free to refuse, Courteously, any offer you may receive. If you are concerned or afraid, Publicly state your feelings and concerns, and if necessary call for a Dungeon Area Monitor. Of course once you have Offered your submission and it has been Accepted, the 'rules' change(weg).
  10. People will discuss and often debate ideas of importance to them, sometimes quite passionately. While it is perfectly acceptable to have strong opinions, certain types of behavior, as outlined in the rules that follow, are NOT acceptable and will result in removal from Whips Tavern and the greater Castle grounds if Necessary.
  11. Scenes, discussions, and chit-chat can, and should, take place at the same time. No one activity has priority over another, except during Officially Scheduled events. For a 'scene only' room, use the Rack Room. For more RealTime-based BDSM try the Dungeon.

Protocols ("written in stone, healthy to live by...")

  1. The tenets of Safe, Sane and Consensual* apply to all BDSM play performed at Whips.
  2. There is no "scat" play allowed (play involving fecal matter - it is Unsanitary!). Golden Showers and other "water sports" MUST be decribed in a way that would be SANITARY for such Public surroundings. IOW, you may Not make a "virtual mess" for other patrons.
  3. People May "role play" and in the course of their "play" become characters of a fantastical nature, including animals and sometimes children. Please remember that this is an ADULT Chat site and a ROOM for Fetish Folk, and that it is populated by Adult Human Beings at PLAY. Animals can't type and there simply are NO Children or underage people here! If you don't like or care for a particular scene or style of play, LEAVE the room!
  4. Cutting, branding, and piercing may be performed at Whips.
  5. It's considered rude to interrupt a scene by addressing the participants, either in Public or Private. Doing so may result in your being removed from the room. If you feel you Must interrupt, a Private Message(PM) to the Dominant is acceptable. PMs to submissives or slaves during a scene are NOT allowed and may get you removed.
  6. 'Fantasy' characters are allowed (This means vampires, Werewolves, Mythical Creatures, 'speaking' animals, etc. *are* welcome here). Remember that while Handles and Characters may be Fanciful in nature, all posts Must reflect the actions and words of Mature Adult Beings .
  7. All kinds of discussion are allowed. From BDSM fetish favorites, toys, and scening topics to such everyday subjects as Sports, Music, Family, Friends & the Weather!
  8. Leaving Whips Tavern and entering any of the Dungeon Areas and stating that you are drunk, or behaving in a drunken manner will get you promptly removed from those rooms.
  9. Personal attacks, Flaming or Flame Wars will NOT be tolerated**;
      1. Flame: a personal attack as opposed to an honest debate on the issues at hand.
      2. Flame-War: a series of 'flames'(see above) exchanged between chatters that results in disrupting the room and contributing nothing of value.
      3. Personal Attacks: Any statements that are written in a derogatory manner in order to discredit a person or their views, but Lacking any constructive comments or valid points to 'backup' their claims. These usually include, but are not limited to, cursing and other expletive-style statements which are intended to 'hurt' or insult with No relevant content.
  10. Be they Virtual or RT, any threats or acts of violence towards an UNconsenting party will NOT be tolerated**.
  11. Biggotry, Racism, Sexism(you know what I mean) and other such discriminatory attitudes will NOT be tolerated**. Re-Read the opening pages if you have forgotten them. If you have such unsocial inclinations Go Elsewhere as they will get you promptly removed from our establishment.

(* Consensual in Virtual-Time(VT) is assumed at ALL times unless an individual specifically requests in Public that a scene or other interaction is Not consensual and requires a Dungeon Monitor's intervention. Safe & Sane in VT will be considered identical to RT(with reasonable allowances for Mythical and Imaginative scenarios) and participants' actions in VT should reflect this.)

(** not Tolerated: means that if you are found behaving like an ignorant fool it will get you removed from Whips, and/or the Castle grounds, for a period of 24hrs. or more including the possibility of permanent loss of access .)

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